Here are 5 Tips Jake Geruson uses for social media Success

To make it in social media, you have to put in the unseen work. If anyone knows that first hand, it’s Jake Geruson, an American entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a media strategist, and a content creator. Over the last few months, Jake has built and scaled multiple TikTok accounts to more than a million of followers. Over the last few years, Jake has learned a lot of lessons from growing multiple TikTok accounts. What kind of takeaway can he give us to forge our own victories? Here are the tips for success:

Be Consistent

Most people will end up giving up in their first month of content creation. That’s what separates the successful creators from the others. They’re going to make sure they keep posting no matter what. Just work on creating better content every day and keep posting. You’re going to get the hang of it and eventually see the results. There are content creators who had to post more than a few years before they could see any results. You must be willing to be consistent in achieving success.

You Will Fall Short

Not everything’s going to go as smoothly as planned. You’re going to fail, and that’s all right. It’s going to happen to the best of us. Failure on its own is a leap to success. But to fail, not to get back up, is a real failure. If your account doesn’t attract an audience, that’s all right. But make sure you know exactly where you’re going wrong. Then fix the issue and try again. Rinse it and repeat it.

It’s Not Going To Be Straight Forward

Growing on social media is not as simple as it sounds. It may appear easy at first, but there are a whole set of challenges you will encounter along the way. No one said it was going to be easy, and you will just have to face it. The rewards and growth that come with it are well worth the challenges that you face.

Focus on Your End Goal

What do you want out of social media? What’s your ultimate goal? Sometimes we get so trapped in the smallest things that we forget why we started something. You should not ignore the smaller steps, but make sure you think about your vision, or you will quickly get lost in the vast world of social media.

Enjoy the Journey

Not everyone can gather millions of followers, and that’s all right. Even if your account doesn’t grow over the years, at least you’ve learned something from it. There are many fields in which success can be achieved. Social media just happened to Jake’s passion and was focused on it. Sure there are a lot of rewards out there, but you must be willing to love the process if you want to excel in creating content. If you would like to contact Jake, go to