Ben shaw : The amazing tattoo artist

Hamza Fazal
3 min readDec 4, 2020

Ben Shaw is a tattoo artist with a lot of pride in his craft and work. He is a person that’s been in love with tattooing for a very young age, and he now creates some of the best and nicest tattoos that you can find out there. He received a lot of training before entering this industry, and now his focus is to bring in a sense of ethics in this entire industry and show people the true value and success that can arise in a situation like this. However, Ben Shaw is trying to make things different by bringing in a sense of ethics in the industry. He knows that there are a lot of tattoo artists out there that are harming people by not using the right methods. As a professional tattooist in Albuquerque, he encountered this issue through many of his clients. Ben Shaw managed to become very popular in his local region and many come to him in order to enjoy some of the best tattoos out there.

But there are those that don’t really care about ethics in this field, and that means tattoos can be harmful to customers. This is why it’s more important than ever to tackle all these things accordingly, and the results as a whole can be incredibly important. Ben Shaw is now the chairman of the Board of Body Art Practitioners and he is focused on enforcing the idea of ethical tattooing, making it safer for potential customers to not worry about any issues that can arise. The truth is that tattooing can be amazing, it brings in some astonishing benefits, and it’s crucial to do it properly and with the utmost attention. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park, but having the right rules and guidelines will work. That’s why Ben Shaw presence in the Board of Body Art Practitioners is very important. People that are very passionate about this professional want things to be done right. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to enforce great ideas and bring in the utmost benefits and experience. That alone can be well worth the effort in the long run.

Thanks to Ben Shaw and his team, Bill 275 focused on the elimination of illegal tattooing has passed, and things will go onward. He actually has 70% of his body covered with tattoos, and he truly believes that tattoos offer a great way for everyone to express themselves and their ideas. It’s a crucial aspect to consider, not to mention he is also supporting multiple great causes in the local area. But what really comes to his heart is the importance of hygienic tattooing and following all the ethical measures. Some people don’t care about it, but they are dealing with the consequences. This is why it’s more important than ever to stay safe and eliminate concerns or problems. It might not seem like a lot, but the truth is by implementing these important ideas, customers will be safer and happier!